Pest Control

Pests such as mice, fleas, bugs and rats can cause a real nuisance and distress in any home.

Our fully trained team are ready to deal with all types of unwanted guests and it’s FREE!

To report a pest issue please contact us on 01274 257003 and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

Our team will thoroughly investigate the issue and apply the necessary treatment. Depending on the type of pest our team might need to make several visits.

We will also provide a report of the work done and advice on preventing the pests returning.

If the problem comes back please get in touch with us straightaway.


How to avoid a pest problem

  • Dispose of your household rubbish regularly into your bins
  • Do not leave any rubbish on communal landings or walkways
  • Clean your bin regularly
  • Regularly use flea treatments on your pets
  • Avoid leaving any food items out for the birds.


Pest control operative filling pest holes