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Sadeh Lok

Bonfire Night safety

Residents are being asked to play their part in keeping the district safe as Bonfire Night approaches.

Bradford Council is working in partnership with the police, the fire service and the district's largest social landlord, Incommunities, to solve bonfire season problems before they can get out of hand.

They also want people to help the campaign and report dangerous bonfires which can be dealt with before they cause problems.

Businesses, homes and schools are being advised to remove accumulations of rubbish before they can be set on fire.

Traders and householders are also being urged not to take advantage of the season by transporting and illegally fly-tipping waste on bonfires.

Shopkeepers are advised not to sell fireworks, matches and lighters to under-age youngsters.

Coun Sarah Ferriby Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Environment, Sport and Culture, said: "People shouldn't get the idea that the bonfire season will provide them with a chance to get rid of their rubbish on the cheap.

"Council Wardens will be looking out for fly-tipping and cracking down on culprits."

Fly-tipping is a criminal offence and if prosecuted offenders can end up with unlimited fines and a prison term up to five years.

Coun Ferriby added: "We now have the power to issue a £400 Fixed Penalty Notice to people caught fly-tipping. Fly-tipped rubbish is not only unsightly but can be highly dangerous if someone sets it on fire."

"We hope people will enjoy their bonfire celebrations but we urge everyone to behave responsibly." 

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service District Commander for Bradford, Martin Speed, said:  "The Bonfire season is often the busiest time of year for the fire service and we will be working with our partners to ensure it passes as safely as possible. 

"Firefighters deal with a lot of nuisance bonfires at this time of year which can get out of hand and quickly spread to buildings. The public can help us by clearwyfring away any rubbish in gardens or near your home which could be targeted by arsonists. 

"Also, if you have youngsters, speak to them about the dangers of fire and fireworks. The best thing to do is go to an organised event where there is a professional display."  

Harry Whittle, Director of Incommunities Estate and Support Services, said “Bonfire night should be a fun and safe time and we would urge everyone to act responsibly.

"Incommunities will be checking on bonfires which have been built on land that it owns to ensure they are safe. Unsafe bonfires or bonfires built on land regularly maintained by Incommunities will be removed.   

"We would urge people, particularly those with young children, to go to properly organised displays but if customers or residents living in the neighbourhoods would like safety advice we are happy to provide this if customers contact us on 01274 257990."

Chief Inspector Mick Rutter, of Bradford District Police, said: “We know that incidents of anti-social behaviour can increase in the time leading up to Bonfire Night and we have been working with partners across the district to address these issues in local communities. 

"Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated in Bradford District and action will be taken against those who are involved."

If residents feel that any bonfire is unsafe they can report it to the Council on 01274 431000 or to Incommunities on 01274 254000.



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